The allure of Best Practice; delusion or panacea?

October 29th, 2012

A common situation I encounter is a client disappointed that a well-publicised methodology failed to transform their business into an example of best practice, often after a substantial investment in time and money on training and consultancy, wholesale revision of internal processes and diversion of staff from their day-to-day activities. Some areas of the business are improved noticeably but the overall result underwhelms.
Most of us can recognise and admire examples of excellence and identify readily …
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Why on earth would I want a projects portfolio management framework?

May 29th, 2012

So the organisation does not have a clear business strategy, business demand for change initiatives outstrips the supply of constrained resources, and everybody wants everything by tomorrow. Before long we are trying to do our best but delivering less to more, and our customers are considering other options, including home-grown solutions. Unilateral effort in the business leads to ad hoc projects that pop up outside any governance or standards frameworks.
While establishing an effective projects portfolio …
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Crisis Management – what about the people?

May 29th, 2011

Very rarely do I come across a plan that has taken account of this most significant variable of all – the people issues that will affect the firm’s ability to function in a disaster! Every firm will, at some time or in some context roll out the cliché that “its people are its most important asset”. Yet ask those responsible how the composition of these ‘most valuable assets’ has been factored into their business continuity …
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