pbp offer unique workshop events in crisis response (Belgium)

Overcoming the unpredictability of crisis response

Papillon bleu partners provide a method to predict and understand how your crisis management team will perform when confronted by a genuinely stressful incident.

One of the most difficult challenges for crisis management is to identify how team members will perform under the stresses and strains of a real incident.  Regular scenario-based exercises will provide a certain amount of insight – however participants will often relax in the knowledge that a flawed decision or action during a simulation will not cause genuine hardship or material impact on the wellbeing of others.

Frequently, and to some extent inevitably, crisis management teams are populated based on organisational hierarchies and seniority with little regard to the characteristics demanded of those expected to respond effectively to a significant crisis event.  Thus those who are experts in the business and markets that influence day-to-day operations and strategies when business is ‘normal’ are somehow expected to also be expert in bringing stability to a business in crisis.  All very well but events that take firms across the line from operational incidents to crises will typically be accompanied by a demand for capabilities that go way beyond the normal operational pressures – requiring crisis-managers to exercise skills in communication, recognition of stakeholder interests and concerns, to take decisive and effective action without causing the crisis to escalate due to inaction.

Stories abound of individuals held in high regard for their expert know-how under normal conditions, who become ‘quaking wrecks’ when placed under extreme pressure.  Many of us will also be able to reflect on experiences of the quiet, unassuming individual with the capacity to rise unexpectedly to extreme challenge in the face of a major crisis.

Perhaps one of the greatest risks to the performance of crisis management teams is in the unpredictability of the team’s performance when confronted by a real incident?

A new and unique offering from papillon bleu partners uses expertise in personality type assessment, combined with extensive experience in the development and exercising of crisis management teams to address this issue.  The service provides assessment for both individual team members and for the team – identifying how each member is likely to perform when faced with intense and unusual pressure and reflecting individual performance in measuring the overall performance of the team.  The overall picture that emerges may then be used as a basis for further training or even for review of the balance of skills required within the CM team.

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