Tailored Skills Development

Spoon feeding in the long run teaches us nothing but the shape of the spoon

- E M Forster

Tailored Skills Development

papillon bleu partners can draw on our extensive experience of best practice methodologies and frameworks and interpersonal skills development to help you form world-class capabilities in portfolio, programme and project execution, specifically adapted to your own needs and organisation. If your skills and capabilities for delivering business change are not aligned with your current or emerging business needs, then we can help.

We offer stress and crisis management workshops tailored to a client’s specific operational needs, so that scenarios can be tested and assumptions validated in a safe and controlled environment. We can also integrate our Building Effective Teams offering to optimise team performance under both normal and stress conditions.

papillon bleu partners Tailored Skills Development Services can be provided at either of our training centres, which are located at Totnes, Devon in the UK, and Ghent in Belgium.